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About Me

I have been a wildlife artist for several years, originally working on commissioned portraits from photographs. My early work was more general and would include landscapes and portraits of people.  In recent years I have began to specialize in wildlife art.

I am a self taught artist and have worked hard to forge my own style and identity as an artist. My wildlife portraits reflect my commitment and concern for animal welfare and conservation.

I have sold original artwork and prints to many countries including the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and parts of Europe.

My preferred mediums for working in are soft pastel, oil paint or graphite pencil. In the past I have used watercolour and other mediums, but I now consider myself a pastel artist as it has easily become my preferred medium.


I create new, fresh and contemporary wildlife art. Each piece is crafted with precise attention to detail and shows the animals natural character. Whether it’s soft pastel, oil or graphite my artwork is bold, original and brings the beauty of the natural world into your home. Each piece is crafted by me from start to finish. My work isn’t sold by galleries or art dealerships or passes through any third party. When you buy a piece of my artwork it’s directly from my studio.

When you buy one of my artworks you’re getting a unique, one of a kind item that no one else in the world has!

All of the reference material that I work from is of genuine wild animals in their natural habitat. I don’t use reference photos of zoo animals or captive animals. When you buy one of my artworks you know you’re getting authentic representation of a truly wild animal.

Unlike some wildlife artists, I don’t restrict myself to only two or three different animal species. I love to explore the diverse animal kingdom and create works featuring all types of wildlife from whales in the deep ocean to lions of Africa to polar bears in the arctic. And I’m always looking for new inspiration and ideas for my next projects.

I work with the finest quality, archival materials to ensure your artwork last for a lifetime. My packaging is as eco friendly as possible. All the packaging I use is either recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.


You can buy original artwork, prints and greeting cards featuring my work.

I accept commissions as well. If you like me to commission me to create a pet portrait, or a piece of wildlife art, then please visit the commission page for more details.

If you have any questions or comments please email me.


Artists Statement

"​My subject matter is nature. My art is the depiction of the diverse and endlessly fascinating animals that inhabit this world. Through close observation and study, I capture the character, grace and soul of the subject. My aim has always been to pay tribute to the natural world and offer a close and detailed examination of the beauty of the animals that inhabit it.

Some of my subjects depict grace, beauty and power. Others show innocence and fragility. But all convey the fleeting magic of movement and life.

Through the rich, layered texture of pastel colours, I build form and light to convey the elusive quality of the diverse animal kingdom. I draw inspiration from the welfare and concern of all animal life, whether it is a beautiful endangered tiger or a much loved domestic dog. The conservation and protection of all creatures on this planet is at the heart of my work.

I want the viewer to feel the essence, soul and spirit of the each animal that I depict and to inspire them to embrace and look closely at the natural world".

Richard Macwee

Any questions or comments? Please email me
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