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Coming Soon In 2023

As the new year begins it's time to plan ahead for new projects I'll be creating in the coming months. I have lots of exciting new ideas for this year.

My first work in progress that I want to share is this new oil painting of a lion. I love the opportunity to do these close up portraits and capture all the fascinating detail and character of these magnificent animals. This piece is 12" x 16" on canvas and should hopefully be finished very soon. Much of it is already finished and I'm now concentrating on the fine detail. These final layers of oil are what make the picture come alive. The final part of this will be the eyes, which I always leave until last!

As well as finishing this, I also have new artwork in soft pastel coming soon. My first project in this medium will be a snow leopard, an animal that I haven't attempted for a while. They are definitely one of the most popular of the big cats.

I'll be completing paintings of a wolf, a bear, a tiger and a deer very soon. Most of the reference and compositions for these pieces have already been worked out and I'll be prepping the canvases and panels soon to begin work.

A new addition this year will be lino cutting. I'll shortly be designing images to carve into the lino and then create my own prints from them. This is something I'm really looking forward to in the coming year.

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Have a wonderful 2023 everyone.

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